Welcome to the EduSpots Online Development Project 2019!

Welcome to the third edition of this online course, which aims to bring students and community members together from across the UK and Africa (although other nationalities are also welcome!), in ethical discussions on various global issues related to development.

Course Aims

One of the central aims of EduSpots as an organisation is to enable people across the world to come together to reflect critically and empathetically on global issues and sustainable development.

Across the past few years, the EduSpots team has learnt a huge amount from the course discussion board which has focused upon gathering different views and perspectives on different controversial topics. It is our hope that this global learning project can help us all better understand each other, and provide a space to ask questions, critically reflect, and empathise with the perspectives of others.

As Appiah (a Ghanaian born philosopher – we recommend you read his book Cosmopolitanism), suggests: ‘conversation doesn’t have to lead to consensus about anything, especially not values; it’s enough that it helps people to get used to one another.’ Perhaps there are some values that we can hope to converge on, but upon others, total agreement seems unlikely.

Course Format

You will generally be sent a post each Monday. You will have one week to read the article, and post an answer onto the discussion board, also commenting on the post of another individual. I think you may find that reading the answers of other participants is more rewarding than the actual initial blog post itself, which is intended simply to be a stimulus.

We request that all contributions are kept friendly, and that even when we disagree with a view, that we express our disagreement in a thoughtful way that enables the person to reflect further, rather than to make them feel attacked. Note that the EduSpots team will be closely monitoring discussions.

The team involved are: Cat Davison (Eduspots Chair), Stephen Tettegah (EduSpots Head of Education and Leadership Development), Ali Eliasu (EduSpots Head of STEM and Sustainability), and Helen Denyer (EduSpotsHead of Partnerships). You can read more about their backgrounds here. Many of the ideas for the course, however, come from individuals from across the EduSpots network of 100s of volunteers.


Certificates will be awarded to everyone who makes a post on 70% of the articles. We will be awarding marks of ‘distinction’ to those who offer particularly thoughtful contributions (those who really listen to others, ask interesting questions and engage critically and reflectively). We will also be offering participants a chance to apply for one of our ‘Changemaker’ grants – read more here.

Introduction Task

Before the course begins, we’d love you to post the following on the discussion board, so that we can have a sense of who we are talking to!

Let us know your name (*students, please use first names only for privacy reasons when you sign in*), your location and a little bit about it, and your motivation for joining this online project. Feel free to include anything else about yourself that you want to share! 

Week 1 – The Role of Perspective

To start the first post, click here:




72 thoughts on Welcome to the EduSpots Online Development Project 2019!

  1. Good afternoon! My name is Cat (short for Catherine), and I currently live in Sevenoaks, a small town just outside London in the UK, with a beautiful National Trust park next door called Knole Park.

    I currently teach Philosophy, Critical Thinking and Sport, having studied a BA in Philosophy, a PGCE (UK education degree) and an MA in International Development and Education. I use my free time to work on everything related to EduSpots (do take a look at our wider work of which this is part – http://www.eduspots.org). I hope to play a role in increasing access to quality and socially positioned education, and my own life has been transformed through learning from people teaching and educating in different contexts.

    My motivation for creating and joining this online course two years ago whilst living in Ghana, was to continue to improve my understanding of how different people think about global issues, and to enable students from across the world to join together in important discussions on development related topics.

    I look forward to learning more about you all, and once again warmly welcome you to this project!

    1. Thank you Cat for this great opportunity. It’s always an honor to learn and collaborate with others. I am glad to here and hope to hav a thrilling experience. Together, I believe we will build a better world.
      Cheers to excellence

    2. My name is Eric, a student of the Institute of Chartered Accounts, Ghana. I look forward to the discussions we will have!

      1. My name is Abdul-Fatahu and I reside in Ghana, specifically a place called Nanton near TAMALE N/R. It is been a pleasure given this opportunity to collaborate with others from different parts of the world in contributing towards developing our earth as a planet capable of sustaining life. It is an excellent course of action and I look up to bringing out the best of my abilities in contribution towards improvement of human life on our earth.

  2. My name is Athuman. I am 27 years old. I live in Arusha Tanzania. My Life-Major Purpose is to contribute to the Global Effort of Building a Better World for the Coming Generations. I am the Founder of Mt Kilimanjaro Living Center.

    I looked around in my community and saw people having enormous difficulties to contribute to the development of themselves, their families and their country. I had a wake up call when I realized that more than 3 billion people on our planet live in poverty then I founded Mt Kilimanjaro Living Center

    The local mission of Mt KLC is to teach the community higher consciousness entrepreneur and leadership skills. As Einstein said: “We cannot resolve our current problems from the same consciousness that created them.” First we need a shift in consciousness. In the program I started understanding that first we need a new way of thinking. I realized the world is nothing but a reflection of our mindsets. Before the outer change can come we need an inner change.

    This new insight completely changed the way I approached my mission. We cannot make a lasting contribution feeding the poor by hunting for money in a system where money is purposely created in scarcity by a ruling elite. We need to transform the system.

    Next I asked myself: “What is the system?” Then I realized that WE are the system. So if we change, the world will change. I had never been that excited. I will now dedicate the rest of my life to awaken the people to the power we have inside. It is time to unite and learn! . . . or maybe I should say unlearn!

    My vision is a world that works for ALL people.

  3. I am George, Ghanaian residing in Ibadan- Nigeria. now for my MSc. I am motivated to join this course because of the diversity of it’s participants and the unique opportunity it offers to oppenly express thoughts and learn from others . As I look forward to making a positive contribution to this world, I believe it will better be done through collaboration. I am here also to further learn how to dialogue with like minded colleagues on issues confronting our world

    It’s an experience I look forward to

  4. Hello everyone! My name is Selasi a Ghanaian, am the founder and the CEO of Eastfield foundation. Eastfield foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation aimd at empowing young women in Ghana in vocational skills training.

    I also teach English at my mom’s school called Angle Hills Academy.

    Happy to be here and
    am looking forward to learn more about you all,

  5. My name is Mohammed, a Ghanaian and I am motivated to join this course build a better community.

    I am very passionate with humanitarian work, voluntarily, I am a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

  6. My name is Antwi.Am a teacher in a small town in Ghana called bono manso in Bono East region.I teach mathematics at junior high school level.Am very happy to join EduSpot.My heart desire is to bring change in my community which will help people to be transformed and bring development in the community through education so I wish to have more ideas through this online course and also have more relevant techniques to bring change in my community

  7. My name is Ore, I’m Nigerian but live in London in the UK. I chose to take this course because I wanted both exposure to other points of view and to be able to share my perspective with others. I’m really looking forward to this course and I hope eduspots can expand its reach to where I’m from – Lagos, Nigeria.

  8. Hi everyone, I’m Charlie and I’m a secondary school student from the UK. One of my main interests is global development, specifically on how we as a global community can help achieve the end of poverty. I signed up to this course to gain more insight into these issues, as at the moment I can only see these issues from my own perspective and I think it would be great to learn from many different people across the world. Thanks!

  9. Hi everyone, I’m Sarah and I’m a student at Brighton College. I’ve been studying in Brighton for 3 years but I live in Shanghai and I go back there for holidays. I did this course two years ago and learnt a lot from it, so I signed up for it again (not only because my economics teacher recommended it). I look forward to the discussions we will have!

  10. Hello, My name is Raha from Ghana, and I study B.A Deveolopment Education Studies at the University for Development Studies. I am passionate about achieving the SDGS especially Quality Education. Looking forward to learning new ideas and working together. I like volunteering as well.

  11. I am Flora, I go to school in Brighton but live about an hour away in the countryside. I am doing this course as I think it will be interesting to connect with people from around the world, and to educate myself from their different perspectives.

  12. Good day everyone! I am Bismark Selorm Adzimah (Ghanaian????), a farmer, a consultant & Volunteer with ActionAid Ghana and the creator of the Dimenzions Inc Hub from the Volta Region of Ghana.
    I’m also a volunteer with Edu Spot,Everyday People,African Science Academy,Activista Ghana and many others.
    I am currently residing in and around Akosombo in the Eastern region, a beautifully greened residential home of the power grid of Ghana and its neighboring countries along the Volta Lake.

    I am thrilled to be part of this gathering of brilliant minds to learn from everyone here, share my perspective based on my cross cultural experience working professionally across cultures and network??

  13. My name is Zara, and I live in London & go to Benenden School in Kent. I think this course is so important as it is particularly vital to break down the ‘white saviour’ narrative that so many have contributed to and realise that real change is only made when we work closely with local communities, listening to their input and needs as a way of helping them develop. I’m excited to see what this course will entail and looking forward to the discussions we will have.

  14. I am Iddrisu a Ghanaian from Savelugu a suburb of Tamale in the northern region. As a teacher I teach ICT and English Language in the Junior High School.
    I have been volunteering for some years now. I have been able to change the thinking of my students towards reading and general life.
    I am the founder and patron of Share Your Knowledge Ghana. My passion is to increase the awareness of children and youth in their self esteem and confidence.
    My motivation for joining this discussion group is to share what I have and also increase my understanding of worldly issues from well organized people across the globe. I pray to put in all my best.

  15. I’m Tilly and I am from the UK. I am doing this course to become more culturally aware and to be inspired by those from different places and hear their points of view, I am also passionate about justice and humanitarian work.

  16. Hello everyone, i am Emmanuel from Ghana. Just completed my undergraduate programme (BSc. Administration) from the University of Ghana.
    I have been posted to the Western region of Ghana, to undertake my national service.
    My motivation to join the programme is to expand my network and understand others perspective on global issues, with a particularly preference to business.
    Currently working on the site; shopnowafrica.com.
    Cheers to everyone.

  17. I am Edmund Selorm Kuatsinu, a political science and theatre arts student of the University of Ghana. My dream is to be a development expert as I feel there are lot of opportunities that can be tapped in Ghana but have not been tapped. I am currently working on my own entrepreneurial project called Farms4Development, our focus is to use agribusiness to promote socioeconomic development in selected rural communities in Ghana. My motivation for joining this platform is to gain more insight about development issues around the world ans also connect with other individuals to share knowledge and ideas to promote global development.

  18. Hi, my name is Phoebe and I go to school in Brighton, and live nearby. I have joined the course as I am interested in development and studying geography. I am really excited to be able to connect with people from around the world and take part in discussion, widening my horizons about different topics.

  19. Hi,
    Abubakari Khadijah is my name, a student, an activist and volunteer.
    I’m currently a graduate from Bagabaga College of Education. I volunteer with initiatives working withsome of the SDG’s like quality education, zero poverty, equality and decent jobs. It’s a pleasure meeting you all.

  20. My name is Barbie from Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana.

    I had been working in the private eduacational institutions for more than a decade either as a teacher or member of the administration team. Currently, I’m unemployed.

    I derive fulfilments from helping others. I discovered this feeling when I was just 6 years and since then, I have been doing volunterily free humanitarian work till now but unfortunately, I don’t have any personal project. Maybe I have not had any light to define and direct me on my feelings and how to chanel it yet.
    I look forward to gaining a lot of insight from this EduSport as I also contribute in my own small way.

    I feel specially previledged to be part of this wonderful group. In fact, I feel like this is my break-through.

    Thank you so much.

  21. Hello everyone, I’m Edith a volunteer and a Senior high school graduate. I currently live in Somanya in the Eastern Region but partially residing at Koforidua. The main reason for joining this course is the opportunity it renders to freely express our thoughts and to learn from other perspective of many people across the world, to network and to gain more insight on development.

  22. Hi everyone, I’m Stephen from Ghana. I’m excited to join this course to feed my knowledge and reflect on my perspectives and practice with the weekly posts and comments from you, yes you.

  23. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Edmond Kwesi Gablah and it is a pleasure to be on this platform. I reside in Dome, a suburb of Accra. My motivation for joining this online project is to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about finding ways to contribute to in solving global issues related to development.

    The overall objective is to add more value to my life by learning to see things from different perspectives and critically contribute to the various discussion on board.

  24. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Helen. I am half German, half English, but at the moment mainly live in London, UK, where I just completed a Masters in Global Health and Development. I am also the Head of Partnerships for EduSpots. Before that I lived and worked in Ghana for three years with the African Gifted Foundation. I was the Project Manager for the organisation when we set up the African Science Academy in Tema.

    I joined this course last year and found the discussions especially between individuals with different opinions on a certain topic very interesting. I learnt a lot about how ones background and upbringing can influence how one sees the world (not making one wrong and one right). So, it really is the discussions that I am looking forward to again this year.

  25. I’m Lucy and I’m at school in Brighton. I also did this course last year and was really interested by the diverse opinions that were expressed, and viewpoints on development that I had never explored before. I think that broadening your own stance on issues by understanding the perspectives of others is very important, especially in a conflicted global atmosphere, and so I hope that this course will enable me to think more broadly about the these global issues and development as a whole.

  26. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Deborah (but you can call me Debbie) and I just graduated from University of Ghana where I studied BA Psychology and Sociology. I am very passionate about how we can always make the world a better place to live in. I’m also very interested in human rights issues and I’ve been a member of Amnesty International since 2011. I have followed the work of Teach for Ghana for the past two years and I also follow Cat and Eduspots on Twitter – that’s how I found out about this course – . I hope to learn a lot from the course and most especially from everyone here.

  27. Hello,
    My name is Kobina a student of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana studying Mathematics with Economics. I am a volunteer of Eduspots.
    I believe in Pan-Africanism and appreciate nature.
    It’s my first time joining this course and I hope to learn from others view.

  28. Hello everyone!
    My name is Joseph. I work as a Director of Messiah International school from Nursery to Junior High. I live in a small town called Abofour and I have witnessed the great things Eduspots is putting in place.
    I have a great interest in platforms like this to share and learn new ideas hence the zeal to try this course for the first time. No man is an island. I hope we all have an interesting interactions for the weeks ahead God willing.

  29. Hi,
    Please I’m Gloria. I just completed Nursing training College last September. I’m an Eduspots volunteer from day one and always eager to explore.
    I think this is another great chance to get to know more. I’m looking forward to fruitful discussions for the weeks ahead. Thank you.

  30. Hi I’m Darren, an international student from Hong Kong and I’m currently studying in Brighton. I am really interested in this course as I’m really passionate about learning more about global sustainable development and various issues happening around the globe. I look forward to the discussions and hope to learn how to make an positive impact to the world we live in.

  31. Hi, Am Adam from Bawku in the upper east region of Ghana. I am 3rd year physician assistant student at the college of health and well-being, kintampo. I am really extremely delighted to be part of this online program and wish I am able to share my thoughts with colleagues and also get to learn from colleagues here. Cheers!

  32. Hi,
    I’m Janet from Abofour in the Ashanti region of Ghana.I completed Yaa Asantewaa girls senior high school last year and I’m currently teaching at a private school by name Messiah. I am highly delighted to be part of this online course and would be glad to form part in transforming lives educationally since I’m part and parcel of it.
    Thank you.

  33. Hello everyone, John Aggrey from Ghana. I am a multifaceted personality with experiences in Business Development, PR/Marketing, Consultancy, and International Projects. My motivation is the passion and drive to be part of a growing and success story; a Change Agent for Social and Sustainable Development for improved livelihoods, and championing the SDGs.

    This is one of the main catalyst that shapes my career mission, and service to Humanity.

    I am driven to make an impact using my unique skill sets on the frontline of innovation and impact in Africa.
    – I am a Social Intrapreneur!

  34. Hi everyone,
    My name is Emmanuel.I am a 4th(final) year student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology pursing Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies.I believe we are all on the world stage together with other countries and as a result everything that transpires in the international system one way or the other has an impact on us irrespective of the country we find ourselves.And I vehemently believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place by helping curb the existing sick status-quo.Together as a team we can do so much but alone we can do so little.
    Thank You

  35. I’m very excited to be part of this forum to exchange ideas. I can’t wait to learn all the different perspectives on global issues from everyone in this platform.

  36. Hello everyone,

    I am Ali Eliasu from Ghana. I am head of STEM and Sustainability at Edu Spots. I believe this course will contribute towards increased appreciation of, and respect for our different perspectives as global citezens. This I believe is pre-requisite for harmony in a world of increasingly fragmemted stories. I am here to listen as well as share.

  37. Hi, I’m Alicia, I live in England and go to Benenden School in Kent. I’m doing this course to gain a greater awareness of global issues that face us today. I love to hear other perspectives and learn from people’s experiences, especially those different from my own. I also hope to gain an understanding of how to use my time to help others in a productive and worthwhile way. I am very much looking forward our discussions.

  38. Hello,
    I am Kasonde from Zambia. I am currently in Ghana for my A-Levels. I am very excited to be part of this course because I believe out of it I will improve my leadership skills and broaden my knowledge on issues affecting the globe.

  39. My name is Mark Nsiah Boadi, i am currently working with Gokals Laborex Ltd in Accra, Ghana. My desire to reach out to the young fellows(youth) from high schools to tertiary levels propelled me to sign up for this great initiative.
    My aim is to reach out to all youth and tell them the reality of life. I wish to have a Team with much life experience and educate the young fellows on our educational systems(ie. guide them in selecting schools and courses of study because i have been a victim of influence by peers, hearsay and ignorance.)
    I wish to build a team of great minds and reach out to the youth on their path to reaching their dreams in terms of their professional choices (as in the job market) and the realities we face as youth.
    I am joining EDUSPOTS with the aim of getting a solid platform to make an impact in the life of the vulnerable.
    Thank You Team for this opportunity.

  40. Hi everyone, my name is Joshua Banks and I currently am going to school in Brighton. I’m extremely excited to be a part of this course and am looking forward to hearing from people my age all over the globe. I love studying Geography and am aspiring to broaden my scope of knowledge of the world we live in, and how we can make it a better place.

  41. Hello everyone

    My name is Yahya. I live in Ejura in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. I am a passionate and self-motivated person with an open mind ready to learn from everyone


  42. I’m Gilbert, currently studying a first degree program at the University of Education in Ghana. I love to learn from everyone and share my experience with everyone.

  43. Hi everyone!

    My name is Jack and I currently go to school in Brighton, UK, and I study maths, economics, physics and chemistry. I’m keen to understand the world we live in much more and to gather perspectives of different people in both the UK and in other nations. I can’t wait to find out more than I’ve studied about global development and am excited to share my own experiences, as well as learning about other people’s.

  44. Hi everyone
    I’m Humu, a student from the University of education winneba in Ghana. I am currently reading my first degree in political science.
    I can’t wait to start sharing ideas with many people across the globe and hopping to learn a lot from them. Different people, different ideologies and different global issues…
    It is going to be really fun.

  45. Hello, my name is Freya and I am currently at school in England. Having grown up around the world I have great appreciation for different cultures along with the opinions of others. I have joined this course in the hopes that it will further broaden my understanding of the world around me as well as allow me to factor this spectrum of ideas into my everyday life. I look forward to this discussion group building a bridge between two ends of the world and hope we agree or use our differences to alter our perspectives for the better. I look forward to expressing my ideas and observing the ideas of this platform’s global users. This truly is an amazing initiative that I hope will be rewarding for all.

  46. My name is Fauzana and I’m from Ghana. I’m currently studying at Community health nurses training college . I hope to learn innovative things here and also impact knowledge unto others

  47. Hi,
    My name is Evé, and I live in London and go to school in Benenden, Kent. I think this course will be really beneficial as it gives people a better understanding about the world we live in today and meet a wide range of people from all different countries and backgrounds. I am really excited to start this course and learn alot!

  48. Hi,
    My name is Jasmine from the Eastern Region of Ghana. I am currently a student of the African Science Academy. I joined this course because one of my objectives in the life is to solve world wide problems. I believe that one cannot do this just by looking at problems from his perspective alone. Reading the views of others will help not only give me a better understanding of global issues but also allow me to develop the habit of viewing issues from different perspectives and therefore provide efficient solutions.

  49. Hello, I am Avis a teach for Ghana Fellow in the Volta Region. I teach Integrated Science. I am also reading an MA in Education at the University of Ghana. Its a pleasure to connect with others who are working towards ensuring excellence in classrooms.

  50. Hello everyone my name is Sherifa Yakubu . I am from the Upper West Region of Ghana. Am currently offering an A level course at African Science Academy. I am happy to be part of this project because I believe this is a way for me to contribute my quota towards the address of global issues. I know through these discussions I will better improve my understanding of issues and also contribute to the understanding of others.

  51. Hi I’m Serena and I go to school in the UK. When I first heard about this course, I was immediately fascinated by its concept of giving people from all over the world their own platform to discuss issues facing our planet. I am excited to learn more about these global issues and also learn from other students about their perspectives and ideas.

  52. Hi, i’m Charlotte and I currently go to school in Kent in the UK. I joined this course to learn more about society and the problems that we face and what we can do to change and fix these issues.

  53. Hi everyone,
    My name is Sophie and I go to school in the UK. I am really excited about this initiative as I think that hearing from a large group of persepctives on different topics in the best way to appreciate and learn about different cultures and global issues.

  54. Hello, I am Cecilia Banda from Zambia but currently living in Ghana. I am excited for this program and cannot wait to hear the views and contribute as well.

  55. I learnt a lot from the chairperson, from my thought, people outside African have taken us to poor and needy ? so it’s now for me and you sit up, wake up to show to the people I mean those outside African. Thank you

  56. Hello, I am Patience Dery from the Upper West Region of Ghana. I am a student of African Science Academy. I am looking forward to learning a lot from this platform and also sharing my views on the topic for each week.

  57. Senyo is my name from Ghana, Sogakope to be precise. A volunteer teacher in one of the Public School (Lolito-Nyinuto DA JHS). I believe in giving back to society and for that matter humanity. Joining this organization will enables me to reach a much wider groups of people to impact more in the community.

  58. Am Mabel, a graduate from the university of Professional Studies. Everything that contributes to social development and sustainability is of great importance to me. I love this family because of my love for social development and look forward to more ideas and contributions

  59. My name is Henry. I live in a seaside town called Bournemouth. I feel that it’s important to be more aware of what’s happening around the globe.

  60. Hello
    My name is SIMON. A graduates from University of Dodoma .
    I like to learn from every one and also to share my experience

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