African Science Academy

African Science Academy (ASA) is a pre-University school for gifted young women from across the African continent with a passion for Maths and Science.

EduSpots has supported the ASA library with books and furniture, but the main role ASA plays is as a partner organisation through the EduSpots youth changemaker programme, rather than following EduSpots’ wider community-led model.

The school was founded in 2016 and is run by the African Gifted Foundation Ghana – a registered charity. ASA is highly selective and each academic year has about 24 students from approximately 6 different countries across the continent. Students go through a tough selection process and full scholarships are offered on a means-tested basis. Apart from completing the Cambridge International A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics in 10 months, students also do a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, such as community service, sports and robotics. It is the aim of the school that the students will go on to become problem solvers for their own communities, in turn, helping to make the world a better place. The school’s vision is to be the leading school in Africa for gifted young scientists. ASA was recently featured on CNN. Check out their video here.
In order to enable the students to make a change even while they are still at school or as they begin University, EduSpots offers the opportunity to students to apply for the change maker grant. Students can apply for a grant of £1000 to create a education-focused project in their own community. This could be a library, a mentorship programme or entrepreneurship training, for example. Selected students are then mentored and supported in making their projects a  reality.

Students from the African Science Academy are uniquely placed to make a change and become outstanding leaders in their communities, but also beyond, through their network of peers from across Africa.

ASA change-makers accepting award going to ASA as ‘most supportive Ghanaian school’ at the EduSpts Conference 2018

The changemaker programme offered to ASA students began in 2018, with grants going to 4 students in the first year. Check out their projects here.

In the past students from Brighton going onto the EduSpots school trip have also spent partnership days together with the school, enabling collaborative learning and cultural exchange and ASA students have participated in our online international development course, adding a vital perspective to the debate.