Verdant Global is a Volunteer-led and focused organization that’s been recruiting and placing volunteers in rural communities for the past 3 years to solve some of their developmental challenges via diverse projects such as education, health and livelihoods empowerment etc. As part of their rural education project, they run an annual rural summer school, which recruits volunteers to engage the rural kids via practical teaching and learning during the vacation (between July and August). They also run all year-round education mentorship program.

Objectives of the program

– To engage rural school kids in a practical learning and fun environment.

– To keep the rural kids active in learning and equipped with new skills during the long vacation.

– To exchange knowledge through mentorship, teaching and learning through their team of volunteers.

-To enhance and enforce the English reading and skill ability

A discovery made by the 2018 team of volunteers shows that only few rural pupils the team engaged with had good English language skills. The findings showed that the kids have no reading materials available to them. This is why their project now seeks to put in reading hubs, which in-community and international volunteers will run in partnership with the communities. Verdant Global will drive various activities in the reading hubs through the volunteer facilitators to promote it’s long-term sustainability.

Reading Spots has already supplied Verdant Global with some books and the partnership will continue to grow, reaching up to 10 rural community targeted reading hubs setup in the next few years. The project will kickstart within Boti, which is located in the Eastern region of Ghana, 30 minutes drive from the capital, Koforidua. It’s a farming community with a basic school.

Verdant Global programs run on mutual terms with our  community placement custodians and schools which has been impactful.

More about Verdant Global can be discovered on their social media pages: