School partnerships

Welcome to the School Partnerships section of the website. Here you will be able to find lots of information on  different ways schools can become involved with EduSpots. See the below options for more details, or download our comprehensive EduSpots School Partnerships Guide 2020

Student ambassadors

We are looking for students to become part of the EduSpots organisation by becoming a student ambassador for their school. It is a role where students will be able to …read more

Global partnership projects

We want to expand our engagement with schools across the world, involving more students and teachers with EduSpots as an active global citizens project. We can help schools partner with …read more

Set up a school partnership

We are a passionate cross-cultural team, supported by a network of over 300 volunteers, and have worked with over 100 schools in the UK and Ghana. We would welcome more schools …read more

Resource collections

As a part of our wider work, we support our 42 communities in Ghana by providing sustainable items such as books, science kits and IT equipment, as well as supporting …read more

Community service projects

We can create a bespoke education project for students to work on throughout the year as part of a weekly community service programme, CAS project, or linked to the Duke …read more

Speaker talks

We are happy to offer talks in person or on zoom – with our UK or Ghanaian team. We are used to leading whole school assemblies, enrichment talks, or training …read more


We’d love to hear from anyone who might like to fundraise for us, no matter how big or small we really do appreciate your efforts! Possible ideas that are tried and …read more