Resource collections

As a part of our wider work, we support our 42 communities in Ghana by providing sustainable items such as books, science kits and IT equipment, as well as supporting with construction in order to create their ‘Spots’.

Schools can help by organising their own resource drives.The drives can be done at any time of year, with a shipment from Sevenoaks School every March. You can even place book plates inside some of your favourite fiction books. 

EduSpots Book Plates Printable

So far we have shipped over 100,000 books to Ghana as well as leading book collections across Ghana and buying African books and text books in country. We are particularly keen to receive any African fiction or non-fiction books, towards this much-needed resource.

We request that all resources are in excellent condition.

We are especially looking for:

  • African fiction and non-fiction for all ages, or donations can be made to support this here.
  • All children’s fiction/non-fiction (books with pop-ups, noises, etc are always particularly popular!)
  • Science books or STEM resources (these are in particularly high demand)
  • Dictionaries (in English and in other languages – French is often studied)
  • Encyclopaedias and atlases (again, relatively recent is preferred)
  • Adult fiction and non-fiction (please only donate quality books that are likely to be read)
  • Self-help and professional development adult books are particularly popular
  • Any educational resources (e.g. abacuses, shape boxes, spelling cards, posters, stationary etc.)
  • Operational laptops, kindles, tablets and mobile phones

Any good quality fiction or non-fiction books that you can imagine being enjoyed in a remote Ghanaian library are very much appreciated.

We would rather not receive any:

  • Very out of date non-fiction books
  • Damaged books
  • Books that are culturally inappropriate (use your own judgement – we will also sort through them all.)

What difference do your collections make?


A volunteer teacher in Kalpohin, Northern Ghana:

“Our library receiving books meant that it was possible for each of my students to have one book each in reading sessions. Pupils have begun to fall in love with reading, having a book in hand is no longer a luxury. It has improved their written and spoken English considerably, leading to significantly improved examination results.”

“Members who have got access to the books feel they are in school learning even though the lockdown still remains on schools. They are able to learn from their homes now,” observed Adu Boahen Carlos, a project leader at Akumadan.

You can also donate to enable us to provide local text books here:

Mr. Alhassan, a unit committee chair and member of the library management committee for Kalpohin (one of the beneficiary communities) said about the books; “Unlike the past when students had difficulties accessing learning materials, the supply of local textbooks is a dream come true.”

Our libraries set up their own book borrowing systems:

A video created by pupil ambassadors at Brighton College:

Contact Cat Davison to organise a delivery of books to Sevenoaks –