Ali Eliasu

Teacher Changemaker

Ali Eliasu is the Head of STEM and Leadership Coach of EduSpots and the organisation’s founding lead on its STEM programme; working closely with the STEM team in the UK, catalysts and teachers across the EduSpots network to advance practical STEM in underserved Ghanaian communities through the EduSTEM programme.

He is a Lead for Ghana Alumnus and former EduSpots volunteer, dedicating two years towards advancing STEM education in Kalpohin in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Ali Eliasu holds a Bachelor’s degree in renewable energy engineering from the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani, Ghana and is currently pursuing a masters degree in Sustainable Energy Management at the Regional Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability of the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

Ali Eliasu is passionate about STEM education and sustainability research.