School Partnerships & Student Ambassador FAQs

Student Ambassadors Network FAQ’s

What is the Student Ambassadors Network? 

A community of like-minded students from schools, colleges and universities across the UK and beyond who take part in one of our ambassadors projects.

How do students enrol into the project? 

Simply share the survey monkey link with them (from our email to you), or email a and we’ll take it from there!

How much time will the project take? 

The programme is designed to be flexible, so there is no set time. However, we would like students to get lots out of it, which can only happen if they are reasonably committed! Setting some time aside, perhaps 1 – 2 hours a week could work well.

Will the programme require much teacher input? 

No! We want this to be as student-led as possible. Students will be able to access the resources and support from EduSpots throughout the project. We will include the designated teacher in our correspondence.

How will students access the online course? 

Students will receive an email with all of the enrollment details from Cynthia who runs our online courses. All they will need is access to a computer or tablet and their school email address.

What do students have to do on the project?

They will complete three phases of the project: LEARN, LEAD, REFLECT. Each includes a series of optional tasks, of which one task should be completed for each phase. Please refer to the handbook for further details.

My school is interested in partnering with a spot, how do we do this?

Contact Vicky at and she will support you to do this.

How many fundraisers do we need to do? 

You should aim to complete at least one fundraiser in each cycle of the project. So, if your school is only involved in either cycle 1 or 2, you will complete one fundraiser. If you are involved in cycle 1 and 2, then you should complete two fundraisers (one for each cycle).

My school has done a fundraiser, where do we send the funds? 

If your fundraiser is in the Autumn/Winter term, we would recommend that you send this during the BigGive (28th Nov. –  5th Dec.) using the BigGive campaign link where your money will be DOUBLED! You can find the link for this on our website

If your fundraiser is later in the year, then please send the funds via our JustGiving link. and click ‘fundraise for us’.

Who do I contact if I need further support?

A. Vicky will be pleased to help you, just email her on