We equip

We have supported our volunteers in their aims through provision of books, literacy resources, STEM kits, laptops and projector kits, solar power, renovation work, furniture and full Spot construction.


Inadequate learning resources continue to be a challenge for learners in low-income communities. For this reason, the provision of books is central to our work of ensuring learning for all …read more

Solar Power

Ten (10) of our education Spots are powered by solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. This has ensured a reliable power supply for night studies, reduced operational costs in utility bills and demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprints.


We have partnered with Dext Technology to provide over one hundred (100) science sets to 8 communities across our network. These science sets have directly benefited some 48 schools.


We have built or renovated 27 education centres in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. All these projects are built together with the communities and run by local volunteers led by a …read more