EcoSTEM Kits

We have distributed EcoSTEM kits to 20 communities as part of our Ignite Programme


Our EcoSTEM kits include a range of practical science resources, enabling students to engage in practical science. The resources relate to challenges in our EcoSTEM challenges which are sent on a monthly basis, which also enable Catalysts to use resources found locally.

Dext Technology Science Kits

We have provided over 200 Dext Science sets to 8 communities across our network. This has directly benefitted at least 100 schools. By providing our community learning centres with the Dext Science Sets,  students from all schools in beneficiary communities are able to access a mini-laboratory to conduct experiments on basic electronics and robotics.

Students performing electronics experiments with the science sets.

We follow up with training for teachers and volunteers on the use the science sets. These trained volunteers then go-ahead to form and lead EduSTEM clubs and camps to improve STEM engagement in their communities.

Volunteers undergoing training in the use of the science sets