EduKidz Programme

“A young child’s brain is full of innate potential and the early years offer a window of opportunity to set a path towards success in primary school and later in life”

                                  – Early Childhood Education Unit, Ghana Service Education (GES) 

In 2022, the idea for the EduKidz strand was birthed in response to a request by our volunteers for a focus on early childhood literacy education. A year on, we have successfully launched the Edukidz strand at the Ignite Conferences held earlier this year. The Edukidz strand is one of the five strands of the Ignite Programme, geared at supporting early childhood development in our Spots. EduKidz is targeted at our Spot users in KG and lower primary.

Watch an EduKidz session in Wodome Spot, led by Emma Heleglo, an EduSpots Catalyst:


We believe that a child’s world is built through play hence the Edukidz programme runs a play-based and project-based learning model focused on equipping learners with phonics education to boost the four competencies of the English language (reading, writing, speaking and comprehension), as well as boost their confidence and natural desire to learn.

Through school and community-based EduKidz clubs,  we support local volunteers in Spots with essential training that equips them to provide a variety of play-based literacy activities in areas pertaining to reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. We are also committed to working with our volunteers to create local, and culturally relevant resources that support the delivery of the programme.

We run our programmes through a collaborative WhatsApp community of practice, alongside regular online Zoom trainings. EduKidz volunteers are supported with resources and mentorship, alongside a core monthly challenge which works in a light competitive form across our network of Spots.

We currently have helped to establish 15 active EduKidz clubs across Spot communities, engaging over 450 learners, with over 100 community educators joining our EduKidz WhatsApp community of practice.

If you are interested in supporting our EduKidz early years literacy work, please email info@eduspots


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