Our mission

Our core vision is a world in which communities unite to create the future that they want to see through education.

Our process involves the following stages (note that ‘we’ refers to our locally based team):

  1. We identify individuals who want to create change in their communities through education, often through our online development and social entrepreneurship education courses.
  2. We help them to build a team and strategy to create that change, also connecting them to a network of educational catalysts.
  3. Selected Catalysts participate in our Community Leadership in Education (CLEd) programme, which involves training in basic project management,  community engagement, education programme design, child protection & inclusion, fundraising & social entrepreneurship,  literacy development, and well-being.
  4. We support them in the creation of ‘spots’, often supporting with books, science kits, IT equipment and supporting construction.
  5. We offer communities optional trainings in leading literacy (EduLit) and practical STEM (EduSTEM) clubs.
  6. Our catalysts grow in the confidence and understanding of effecting change.
  7. Many users of the ‘spots’ have improved confidence and educational outcomes. We are now witnessing many users becoming new catalysts for action.