‘Spots for EduSpots’ Days

What is a ‘Spots for EduSpots’ Day?

Looking for a fun fundraising day to lead within a school, the workplace, or a theme for a party?

EduSpots has a way for everyone to get involved in an engaging dress-up theme whilst raising funds to enable our community-led education centres named ‘Spots’ to receive flexible loan funding to drive their ongoing impact!

Our community-based voluntary educators will reflect on what their libraries need most – whether solar power, furniture, story books by local authors, local text books or wider educational resources and IT equipment.

Your support will make a difference to over 10,000 children who use the Spots and access transformative educational opportunities across literacy, practical science, environmental education and girls empowerment.

 What do you need to do?

  1. Create a poster and letter to advertise the event.
  2. Set an amount for everyone to pay to wear a spotty item to school/work/a party.
  3. Set up a just-giving page here to enable you to see their growing total: www.justgiving.com/eduspots
  4. We will send you photos showing you exactly how the communities have chosen to use your grant funding.
  5. We can also send you videos messages and personalised posts to engage the community in the impact they have created?

Sound good? Reach out today to info@eduspots.org!

More information

Why get involved?

Here are just 5 reasons though we can think of many more!

Who is leading this change?

Here directly from our community-based voluntary educators!