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EduSpots empowers 300 local 'Catalysts' who ignite over 15,000 learners through 50 innovative libraries named ‘Spots' in underserved communities in Ghana and Kenya. In 2023, we were a Finalist for the Their World Education Innovation Prize and believe our model could be applied in settings across the world.
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EduSpots — An Overview


We’ve supported our educational catalysts in creating a physical network of 50 community-led education spaces or Spots that enable community members to shape their own educational futures. We have built or renovated 27 of these ‘spots’, with 10 running on solar power.

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The Abofour Library was our first EduSpot and is perhaps the best used library, which is remarkable, especially given its size. We have rebuilt the Messiah School and recently created …read more


This project near Anyanui was created by the community but has been welcomed into our network to receive books, resources and training.


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EduSpots built the Akumadan Community Library in 2016 – it is a two-storey building in the heart of the Akumadan community, in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Edward Amponsah, volunteer …read more


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Apegusu is located in the Eastern Region in the Asuogyaman district. This is a farming community. There are 6 schools located in the community (2 private and 4 government schools) …read more


The Asemkow Library has been funded by Ms Jane Langhorne in memory of her mother, after she visited Asemkow on the teachers’ trip in Easter 2017. Asemkow, which translates as …read more


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Atsata Bame

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Badili Zone Project

Badili Zone Organization is a registered CBO in Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Embakasi South constituency, Nairobi, Kenya. Badili is a Kiswahili word meaning change. The Badili Zone Organization’s vision and mission …read more


This project is being created by one of the 2019 changemaker grant winners – Seiba Abdul Rahman. Seiba, is currently a student at the African Science Academy in Tema, but …read more

Bono Manso

The spot is located in Bono-Manso in the Bono-East Region. It is based in a converted classroom at the Bono-Manso R/C basic school, but there are three schools in the …read more


The Bosomadwe library is 45 minutes drive from Cape Coast, and was partially built by members of the community several years ago, but never completed due to lack of funding. …read more

Cape 3 Points

Cape 3 Points is a remote fishing community in the western region of Ghana. Quality educational resources are lacking, but there is the aspiration for change with community members and …read more

Dichemso, Kumasi

The Read to Achieve club is based in Dichemso, Kumasi. They joined the EduSpots network in August 2021.  More info to come!

Dodome Awuiasu

Dodome Awuiasu is a farming community, located between two mountains in the Ho West District of the Volta Region. The community is famous for its production of palmnut oil, bananas, …read more


EduSpots built this library on the land of the RAMSCO School for the benefit of the entire community. In particular, the Donkorkrom Islamic School is positioned just behind RAMSCO and …read more


Getrude created an idea for an educational centre open to the entire community, but managed by a local school. She has ideas for a peer mentoring system, and leading clubs …read more

Edinaman Hockey Club

Written by Project Lead, Isaac Yeboah  Hockey is a well acclaimed sport which is gradually gaining grounds in Ghana.However in the Central Region,the enthusiasm and zeal to play Hockey is …read more


This project in Ejura, is being created by Yahya, one of our 2019 Teacher Changemakers.  Yahya is a teacher at the Ebenezer Preparatory School, where this new spot is located. …read more


Ekoso is a remote village in the Eastern Region, which is home to about 150 children. At the moment the resources in the school are extremely limited – the school …read more


We were delighted to be able to support Kobina Adoboh, a university graduate, in his impressive efforts to reopen his community library in Ekumfi after a period of closure.   …read more


We plan to complete a new Spot in Elmina in June 2023 with the commissioning planned for August 2023. In the meantime, EduSpots Catalyst, Benjamin Eikins, has set up a …read more


This project in Gomoa-Manso is being created by one of our 2019 changemaker grant winners – Anita Esi Eleh.  Anita is a current student at the African Science Academy and …read more

Joska, Kenya

The MASH foundation  library and resource centre seeks to help children to develop early literacy skills, as well as increasing their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Over the years children that read books at the …read more


The Kalpohin EduSpot is now completed, and used by so many across the community long into the nighttime! This was built by EduSpots, with thanks to a grant from the …read more


Kodzi is located in the Volta Region of Ghana (it is actually the home community of our very own Head of Education and Leadership – Stephen). It was commissioned in …read more


As part of their Capstone Project with Teach For Ghana, Teach For Ghana Fellows Livingstone Delali Agbo and Obed Nhyira Sam, worked with the community in which they were placed …read more


Mpatano is a fishing village in the Western Region of Ghana, near to Asemkow where one of the earliest Reading Spots projects was placed. The community have provided a space …read more

New Atuabo

This project is being started by one of the 2019 changemaker grant winners, Cedella Asoma Quagraine. Cedella impressed the Reading Spots team with her project proposal and has received a …read more

New Ebu

More info coming soon!


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Pershie – Adom Prep

The Adom Preparatory School in Elmina, in the central region of Ghana, is a primary and junior school that has been built in Elmina by a local woman named Regina …read more


This project in Posmunu is located within a Junior High School, but open to the whole community. It was created by one of our Teacher Changemakers, Portia, with the support …read more


The Sakasaka ‘spot’ was created by 3 Teach for Ghana fellows working in Sakasaka JHS! More info to follow soon. The project was commissioned in April 2019, after a £1000 …read more


Hikmatu Sulemana and Bashiru Yahaya are Lead for Ghana alumni teachers. They served together in Yoo R/C junior high school, Savelugu, Northern Ghana, during the first two(2) years of their …read more


This library inside the the Yoo Roman Catholic School in Savelugu is open to the entire community after school and in the evenings, having been opened in a brilliant commissioning …read more

St Francis, Joska

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NB This project has not been involved in EduSpots’ activities for some time. This project was created by Joan Deslandes and Joyce Ofori-Boafo, in memory of their mothers. We hope …read more


EDUSPOTS AT TAKUVE BASIC SCHOOL IN THE VOLTA REGION OF GHANA. BACKGROUND Takuve is a small and sparsely populated community located in the Agortime-Ziope district of the Volta Region. The …read more


EduSpots built this community library with the extensive support of community members. Tease is a small village in the Eastern Region of Ghana, a remote rural area where their enthusiasm to …read more

Yamfo, Ahafo Region

This project is being created by Aishetu Abdul-Razak, who won the Youth Changemaker grants to renovate an abandoned school block to a library. The project will be opened to all …read more


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