Keeping Spots Safe

As a core part of our Dream Spot Model, we promote the safety, health and well-being of everyone involved in EduSpots, with a particular focus on learners and Catalysts, and engaging parents and the wider community in this process.

To remain in the EduSpots network, Spot Catalyst teams must do the following, supporting with Keeping Spots Safe resource kits and session plans with guidance notes.

  • All Catalysts and headteachers at the Spot should have engaged in Keeping Spots Safe training centrally and locally and understand our safeguarding policy.
  • Catalysts (ideally the Keeping Spots Safe Lead) hold sessions with all learners at the Spot, using the provided resources.
  • Project Leaders create a locally designed community engagement event to build wider awareness of child safeguarding and protection.
  • All the Keeping Spots Safe posters should be displayed at Spots.
  • Project Leaders complete EduSpots child safeguarding and protection quiz via phone call, with further check on understanding & action on Spot visits.

Sessions with learners 

This video gives you a window into our work with learners, with a training session for Catalysts on facilitating the Keeping Spots Safe session we designed for learners.


Community engagement on Keeping Spots Safe themes 

We also support Catalysts in leading community engagement themes.

Alongside a handbook guide with guidance in relation to planning, engagement, themes to explore, and follow up, we have devices a set of visual resources to promote open discussion.

A sample of the images (they are a pack of 40) are shown below.