We train

We have a range of programmes for Catalysts that are designed to support them in moving their Spot towards the Dream Spot Model.

This information relates to our programmes in 2022-2023; it will shortly be updated for 2024 reflecting new strands of our work: Ignite Equity, EduKidz and Spot Lead.

EcoSTEM Programme

The EcoSTEM programme seeks to enhance practical STEM and environmental sustainability education across the EduSpots network communities and beyond. All our programmes are created by our local team, using resources …read more

The Ignite Programme

Having witnessed the significant impact of formalising our volunteer support via the CLEd Programme has had upon the operations and delivery at our Spots, we are launching the next level of our volunteer training plan: the Ignite Programme.

Online Courses

What’s New in 2024:  This year, we’re thrilled to introduce a lineup of engaging and enriching courses designed to elevate your skills and knowledge. Whether you’re looking to enhance your …read more

Catalyse Leadership Programme

Our Catalyse Leadership Programme offers our Catalysts the knowledge and skills needed to lead sustainable education projects in their local communities.

EduLit Programme

This programme supports community volunteers and teachers with a phonics training programme. We also support communities in establishing literacy clubs with a focus on creativity and critical thinking.

Start an EcoSTEM Club

Student attendance at community EcoSTEM clubs can be erratic so ongoing project work is difficult and as a volunteer (or teacher), you need to think of a new activity for each session, which can be really draining. But that is exactly what it means to belong to a network of daring volunteers: To get out of your comfort zone and make things happen!

The EduSTEM Club guide seeks to alleviate some of the difficulties associated with maintaining a STEM Club. Here’s what we suggest:

Peer Mentoring Programme

EduSpots has run a Peer Mentoring Programme since 2021, with the aim of enabling existing experienced Catalysts to share learnings with the wider network in specific roles that also aim …read more

Ignite Equity Programme

Ignite Equity is one of four educational strands that EduSpots volunteers lead in their home communities as part of the wider Ignite Programme.

EduKidz Programme

“A young child’s brain is full of innate potential and the early years offer a window of opportunity to set a path towards success in primary school and later in …read more