Drive for Digitalisation

Please note that we are collecting final donations for the #DriveForDigitalisation campaign with EduSpots until the end of August though this Justgiving page: and our mobile money number (Ghana MTN):+233593949413.

The Wanderlust Ghana team are now raising funds for a different fund through their events and activities and note that we have not collected any donations in cash or through any other channel for EduSpots.

By Sunday 20th August we have raised:

$18279.85 – Drive for Digitalisation fundraising page on JustGiving

$397.17 – mobile money donations 

$389.64 – additional donations to our Justgiving page

TOTAL = $19,066.66


This July, we have launched a ‘Drive for Digitalisation’.

We believe that every learner should be have access to digital learning tools in this digital age. Currently, learners at 50% of our network of innovative libraries named ‘Spots’ in Ghana and Kenya have no access to computers, tablets or laptops, with volunteers indicating that most learners in school still learning the IT curriculum off a chalk board.

Through this campaign, EduSpots hopes to raise enough to equip all 50 Spots with at least one digital learning device, alongside the training and Spot visits needed to ensure that the impact of the technology is sustained.

We are also in the process of developing an EduSpots app which will provide our community volunteers with all the tools needed to manage their Spots effectively and deliver impactful education programmes in their communities, whilst strengthening our community of EduSpots volunteers.

The Wanderlust Ghana campaign

In support of this mission, the Wanderlust Ghana team are travelling the 10,000km distance from Accra to London, with the hope of enabling 10,000 learners to have access to digital learning tools and training. 

“I know too well the power of education in transforming lives – I am a living testament to that – born in Jamasi, a village in Ghana, and now calling myself a global citizen. I also know too well how the support of well-meaning individuals and organisations can help in this transformation. A British Chevening Scholarship is what took me on my first Accra – London journey and gave me the opportunity of a global career.

This 10,000km Accra – London trip, as I celebrate my 50th Birthday, is a chance to relive my life-changing first journey to the UK – this time taking in the realities of life in various West and North African countries. It is also a chance for me to raise funding for and awareness of the work of a charity like EduSpots in changing lives in Ghana and Kenya.”

Kwabena Ayirebi, one member of the Wanderlust Ghana team, leading the Drive for Digitalisation (captured below)


The Wanderlust Ghana team on their 10,000km journey
The Wanderlust Ghana team on their 10,000km journey from Accra to London

Why is this drive for digitalisation important to our learners, volunteers and staff?

“I believe if students have the opportunity to use these kind of devices in our Spot, learning will be much easier and fun and many students will be dropping to the library.” (Aduko Savera, EduLit club member, Kalpohin Spot, Tamale, Ghana)

“This is my first time to have an opportunity to use a tablet. The experience cannot easily be forgotten due to the “talking” Alexa in the tablet. ” (Alhassan Ragadawu, EcoSTEM club member at Kalpohin Spot, Tamale, Ghana)

Aduko and Alhassan, using a tablet for the first time in Kalpohin Spot.

“Having access to technology will improve the problem-solving abilities of our learners and create independent thinkers who explore community challenges and develop the solutions for them.” (Seidu, volunteer and EduSpots Peer Mentor, Ejura Spot, Ghana)

“With technology we would be able to teach more students basic IT classes, and give them access to the internet to do homework or complete research so that they build their knowledge capacity. We will also install basic graphic design and video editing software so that they can develop their artistic skills.” (Charles, volunteer, Joska Spot, Kenya)

“With IT tools in the Spots, we can link our learners to experienced STEM enthusiasts and digital learning environments where the students can directly experience pre-programmes courses and materials without having to rely on the presence of a volunteers’ personal cell phone.’ (Getrude Akunlibe, EcoSTEM coordinator, and Dulugu Spot Founder)

“I’m excited at the prospect of introducing ICT into our education delivery in our Spots because it would ensure the creative development of the students, be a huge support to learning and play experiences and prepare the learners at a young age for the world around them.” (Cynthia Kumassah, EduKidz Coordinator)

A local volunteer leading an app development session for the community at Akumadan Spot, responding to requests for digital learning.
Learners in Joska Spot, Kenya, using the limited technology in shifts due to high demand.

The wider EduSpots Story

Across the last 7 years, through the remarkable efforts of a grassroots network of over 250 local community volunteers and a small staff team, EduSpots has created 50 innovative and sustainable community-led libraries across 16 regions of Ghana and Kenya named ‘Spots’.  Local changemakers (a mix of teachers, students, and community members) lead a range of EcoSTEM, creative literacy, girls’ empowerment and, early years clubs, alongside wider community-led activities. Together, they impact an estimated 15,000 learners each year, advancing core skills in literacy, STEM and leadership, whilst promoting a lifelong love of learning.

Volunteers have opportunities to join regular in-person and online training sessions, enabling them to collaborate with changemakers across Ghana and Kenya and develop their skills in education, entrepreneurship and leadership.  EduSpots was selected as a Finalist for the Their World Education Innovation Prize in 2023 and their Founder, Cat Davison, was selected as a finalist for the UNESCO-backed, Varkey Foundation $1 million Global Teacher Prize in 2021.

Where is your money going?

Your donation will support one or more of the following:

  • Technology for Spots (tablet devices)
  • Training is using the technology
  • Spot visits to ensure the technology is well used, secure and maintained
  • App development
  • EduSpots’ core costs to support the above

Reports explaining the impact of this campaign will be sent to all those who leave their contact information when donating.

How can you support this campaign?