The Ignite Programme

The Ignite Programme (starting in 2023) aims to equip all volunteers with a strong understanding of EduSpots ways of working and values, with a particular focus on child protection, female empowerment, and basic literacy and STEM education.
Through this programme, we aim to strengthen our dynamic volunteer network, leading to further sustainable action in the Spots, with volunteers collaborating to further advance our model for community-led education.
All volunteers will be offered:
  • A thorough induction process at a local and organisational level, including a volunteer handbook
  • A range of in-person training in child protection, female empowerment, literacy and STEM education leading to community-led activities.
  • Staff mentoring, peer support and networking opportunities
  • Bi-weekly empowerment sessions and online courses, alongside other opportunities based on their interests.
  • Opportunities to apply for STEM & literacy resources, alongside flexible grant funding.
  • Recognition for their work and support with references