Over the last 5 years, EduSpots have delivered about 95,000 books to close to 40 communities. We have fully stocked about half of our projects and continue to supply books for libraries in our network.

Inadequate learning resources continue to be a challenge for learners in low-income communities. For this reason, the provision of books is central to our work of ensuring learning for all pupils in partner communities.

Every year, we organise book drives in the UK and more recently in Ghana to contribute to meeting book needs in our partner communities. Our book donations are also made possible through our partnership with BookAid International, who generously donate books to our communities every year. We also raise funds to supply local textbooks in line with government curriculum and have recently received grant funding for this.

EduSpots is excited to embark on a literacy project that allows pupils in partner communities to contribute to creating stories mirroring aspects of their lives and set in their community. We recently published Kwame’s Adventures and look to explore means of increasing African voices and meeting book needs in libraries in the network.