Volunteer for EduSpots

The EduSpots team are always team-building!

Alongside new paid staff roles in Ghana, EduSpots is looking for further committed to volunteers who want to contribute in diverse ways to our ever-evolving work – which is all centred on supporting a network of 250 local volunteers who drive community-led change through education centres named Spots in rural Ghana and Kenya.

Through all these positions listed below you will gain huge insight into education and international development and collective action through learning on a daily basis on WhatsApp from our active network of 250 volunteers in rural Ghana who are the main focus of our work and our reason for existence. Read our most recent impact report here.

You can apply for any of these positions by applying through Charity Jobs or sending your CV and cover letter to info@eduspots.org explaining your motivation for supporting through the position. We are looking for people who are committed and able to offer at least 5 hours/week, and support us in the longer term.

Community Volunteers 

If you are in one of our Spot communities – see here, simply sign-up to volunteer here and we will connect you with the Project Leaders. Note that we are not expanding our network of Spots to new areas at present due to a need to focus on driving a sustainable impact in current communities.

Trustees and Advisory Board Members

If you have high-level experience to offer in any area of NGO leadership and development, do email your CV and an expression of interest to Cat Davison at info@eduspots.org. We are always looking for new trustees for both the UK and Ghana boards.