Bashiru Yahaya

Hikmatu Sulemana and Bashiru Yahaya are Lead for Ghana alumni teachers. They served together in Yoo R/C junior high school, Savelugu, Northern Ghana, during the first two(2) years of their fellowship with Lead For Ghana. They undertook several educational initiatives such as fostering a partnership with Lattitude Global-Ghana to facilitate the placement of international volunteers in Yoo R/C JHS. The volunteers helped to improve on the literacy and numeracy of students, among others. They, also, carried out workshops on STEM geared towards establishing a Science club in Yoo R/C. The two teachers are currently stationed in Sanzule, a small beach town in the western region, teaching mathematics and Science.

Their project is a community learning center, that was born from the outdoor library they established, in Sanzule/Krisan. They witnessed students making little efforts to take ownership of their learning, including sacrificing their lunch break time to compete for reading materials; this inspired the project.

The project aims to provide students with access to reading materials and a stimulating environment. The Community Learning Center will improve upon their reading proficiency as well as harnessing in them the love for reading, in order to become lifelong learners. Also, they aim to use the center to promoting STEM education by providing access to stem kits to make lessons more practical.