Isaac Kobby Ayibor

Literacy and Digital Skills Coordinator

Isaac Kobby Ayibor joins EduSpots as the Literacy and Digital Skills Coordinator, driving forward EduSpots’ work in literacy and digital skills development.

Isaac is a passionate quality education advocate with a strong background in program management and educational development. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Professional Studies Accra, Isaac has refined his skills in leadership, community engagement, and strategic planning through years of organizing, coordinating, and analyzing educational and youth empowerment programs.

Working as a Programs Analyst at the Institute of Teacher Education and Development (INTED), Isaac collaborated with colleagues and supported management in implementing educational programs aimed at building the local capacity of basic and high school teachers, while also addressing issues related to the underrepresentation of female teachers and the underperformance of female students in Ghanaian high schools.

Continuously seeking growth and opportunities to contribute, Isaac served as a Teaching Fellow with Lead For Ghana, allowing him to impact education at the grassroots level. Through initiatives like the ‘Write 2 Lead’ project, he has provided 10,500 exercise books so far, enhancing the classroom experience of over 900 students and increasing enrollment in four underserved community schools in Ghana.

Isaac’s initiatives have yielded substantial community improvements and earned him recognition through awards for leadership and innovation, including Lead For Ghana’s Most Influential Male and Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards and a Peace First Activation Grant Award.

Overall, Isaac is motivated by challenges and driven by a passion to make a difference in the education sector, especially in environments that aim to uplift and transform communities.