Isadore Armah

Advisory Group member

Isadore N. A. Armah is a seasoned leader and professional with rich and diverse background in project and operations management. With over 15 years of experience spanning various sectors, including agriculture, agribusiness, conservation, environment, health, water, sanitation, education, and children’s rights, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive strategic interventions and deliver impactful results.

Equipped with Master’s in Environmental Management and Policy, Business Management and Administration, and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, Isadore has honed his expertise in areas such as project management, curriculum development, program evaluation, and the conduct of agricultural, environmental, and social research. His proficiency extends to cultivating collaborative relationships with stakeholders at multiple levels, from national to community, and his adeptness in utilizing participatory tools for effective change processes is a testament to his commitment to community engagement and empowerment.

Currently serving as the Executive Director of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust (GHCT), Isadore leads the management of the Kakum Conservation Area, overseeing all operational aspects and ensuring the organization’s financial stability and positive reputation. Under his leadership, GHCT has seen significant improvements in its capacity development initiatives, procurement procedures, and project management guidelines, marking notable milestones in the organization’s history. Prior to this role,

Isadore excelled as an Operations Manager at Proven Ag Solutions, where he spearheaded various project proposals in agriculture, the environment, education programs, and the implementation of children’s rights, amassing substantial revenue and fortifying the organization’s brand through effective networking and volunteer contributions.

His vast experience also includes serving as a Program Officer for the USAID-Africa LEAD Project, where he played a key role in promoting agricultural transformation in Ghana and Sierra Leone as advanced through CAADP. His responsibilities included overseeing comprehensive research, coordinating training and capacity development activities, and managing various networks to advance agricultural policy advocacy. Furthermore, Isadore’s experiences underscore his dedication to community development and his ability to implement successful grant proposals and manage diverse portfolios. Isadore’s educational background demonstrates his commitment to holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Isadore actively engages in volunteer work with organizations such as The Women’s Alliance, West Africa Centre for Peace Studies, Women In Agriculture Network Ghana, African Youth Network for Agriculture Transformation, and Notable Voices in Community Empowerment. His commitment to community empowerment, sustainable development, and the promotion of education programs and children’s rights is a testament to his passion for creating positive change in the world.