Lawrence Dankwah

Literacy Club Coordinator

Lawrence’s key responsibilities are overseeing the development of a model for literacy clubs for primary and JHS and supporting EduSpots volunteers across the network with the effective running of these clubs and literacy development more widely in our communities. He will also support our EduLit partnership with students at Sevenoaks School.

Lawrence Dankwah is a Teaching Fellow with Lead for Ghana at the Dichemso M/A JHS ‘A’, where he plans and deliver ICT lessons. Lawrence envisions a society where all children will have the competence to solve problems and to consistently grow in and out of their classrooms through the power of education.

To this end, he serves as a country ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation and a Global Youth Ambassador for Theirworld, given his passion for early childhood literacy development in Ghanaian public schools.  He was inspired to set up the “Read to Achieve Literacy Project” together with colleagues at Dichemso, where they have been facilitating Literacy sessions for 150 children by integrating Tablets into classroom learning.

With the rising spate of globalisation through the internet, Lawrence has a strong belief that basic public schools in Ghana must start raising students with a global awareness of the inequality around them. Thus, he led his students to embark on an advocacy campaign during the 2021 international literacy day; an action that has impacted over a thousand people. As a dynamic educator, he further works as a learning facilitator at the Kumasi Eden Youth and Child Development Center of Compassion International.

Known for his sense of leadership, Lawrence holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Lawrence aspires to pick up roles in social policy and education for development in the long term.