Rebecca Scotton

Fundraising Manager

A firm believer in the power of education to transform lives, Rebecca joined EduSpots in October 2022 to help us fulfil our core vision: a world in which communities unite to create the future that they want to see through education.

Rebecca is driven by her strong belief that every child in the world should have access to inclusive, quality education. She feels especially strongly about girls’ education, recognising that the right to education continues to be far from reality for many girls and women. 

By joining EduSpots, Rebecca hopes that she can empower community leaders to transform the lives of children and young people, by challenging them to realise that they play the role of creator in their own lives and futures. 

After studying Mathematics with Statistics, Biology, and Psychology at A Level, Rebecca pursued a career in finance, studying to become a personal tax adviser. Throughout her corporate career, Rebecca fundraised and volunteered for various charities, and led the Committee of a Charitable Foundation. After 14 years of battling between her heart and mind, Rebecca took a leap of faith and resigned from her role in professional services to dedicate her time to projects that support children and young people at a pivotal point in their lives.

Here at EduSpots, Rebecca is responsible for building relationships with our individual donors and boosting our fundraising campaigns. She aspires to create a positive and engaging experience for our supporters that cultivates confidence and trust in our work. As part of this, Rebecca puts storytelling at the heart of her role as she believes there is power in human stories.

Alongside this, Rebecca works closely with Farida, Head of Partnerships and Communications, in promoting and developing the EduSpots’ Ambassadors Network; her main emphasis being schools and universities in the UK. Rebecca loves to connect with people who are passionate about sustainable international development.

When Rebecca is not working, she enjoys spending time at the park with her toddler, improving her photography skills, and pottering about in the garden.