Sadock Ofori

Ambassadors' Network Volunteer

Sadock is an experienced and dedicated youth advocate with a strong background in community engagement and program management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Studies and a Master of Philosophy in Special Education. With a deep commitment to empowering young people and fostering positive change, Sadock has made significant contributions to his community.

His exceptional communication and leadership skills have enabled him to effectively engage with community-based and school-based organizations, providing support and guidance to help them make a meaningful impact. Sadock’s passion for inclusivity is evident in his efforts to create a welcoming environment for young people from diverse backgrounds.

Driven by his desire to drive positive change, Sadock is dedicated to inspiring young people to become catalysts for transformation in their communities. His academic qualifications and experience in youth advocacy make him a valuable asset in creating a better future for the next generation.

Sadock was initially a volunteer with the Gomoa Manso volunteer team, before joining the EduSpots CLEd leadership programme, and later becoming a Peer Mentor for the next cohort of Catalysts. He is excited to join the team as the Ambassadors’ Network Coordinator.