Wiafe Sarpong Frank

Peer Mentor (Communications)

Wiafe Sarpong Frank is my name, a Pharmacist from Akumadan in the Ashanti Region, Ghana.  I have been in EduSpots volunteering for the past 3 years, coordinating inter-schools literacy programs, online health and reproductive education programs alongside other community activities initiated by the organization with mentoring young people in my society and beyond.

Is obvious that challenges may arise in services of this kind, but I strongly believe with constant hard work input, effective planning and knowledge impacting, will help transform the community positively.

However, these are basically what I have been  arning via EduSpot which has honed my capabilities in the community.

Therefore,  it is a dream to network  with people around the globe  having a common goal or vision to share insights and inspirations each other can tap into to help make our world, Africa, Ghana and Akumadan community a better places to live.