Global Development

We are live!
Our first session of the Global Development course for 2024 has started and will run for the next six weeks (January 15–February 25, 2024). The second session runs from June 3 - July 7, 2024.

This course aims to offer students an introduction to key themes and practices in global development, hoping to open their eyes to different perspectives and engage in critical and empathetic discussions.

For details on the course please see the following document – Global Development online course September 2022.docx

About EduSpots: 

EduSpots aims to connect, trains and equip individuals to catalyse long lasting community-led change, working across the UK and Ghana. We won the Tes International Award in 2018 for the best international education project in the UK. See for more info on our wider work.

EduSpots Online Courses 

The EduSpots online courses aim to challenge pupils to critically reevaluate their assumptions about creating social change through listening to the lived experience of pupils in different contexts, as well as offering the core theory needed to build successful service projects. Pupils who successfully pass the course will have the opportunity to apply for a £1000 grant and join our network of changemakers.

Reporting and certification 

Pupils will receive a certificate at the end if they successfully complete the course by commenting on a minimum of 4 out of 5 posts, with those offering the most thoughtful responses receiving a distinction and some being awarded ‘top in cohort’ prizes.


Note that any profits raised from this course will be used to support the development work of EduSpots in Ghana, enabling educational ‘catalysts’ (many of whom are teachers) to lead educational change in their communities.



Week 2 - Perspectives on Poverty

This week we will explore the notion of ‘poverty’ in further depth – a fundamental foundation for any other discussions of ‘development’ that we will move onto.