Dodome Awuiasu

Dodome Awuiasu is a farming community, located between two mountains in the Ho West District of the Volta Region.

The community is famous for its production of palmnut oil, bananas, plantain and other cash crops. Although the community has produced many professionals, it has failed to cope with the changing trend of the educational system and, therefore, has been at the tail end of quality education over the recent years. What used to be a centre for good education is now struggling and just a fraction of young people make it through the education system and onto higher education in the capital of the region – Ho.

ELPIS INCORPORATED, a group of passionate volunteers, led by Selorm Bismark Adzimah, have developed a passion for humanity and using their collective volunteering experiences have decided to start an after school project in Dodome Awuiasu. This is also the community where Selorm Bismark Adzimah comes from and in the future they would like to duplicate the idea to many other places in the area that need such innovation.

What they seek to do in partnership with Reading Spots is for volunteers to run a SPOT as part of their plans to create a centre for students in the community. In this centre they hope to give students a conducive environment to have extra tuition, one on one sessions, homework sessions, reading clubs, expose them to technology at a young age, nurture their creativity in arts and crafts, learn social skills and have fun whiles doing these activities.

In a nutshell, ELPIS INCORPORATED aim to give the next generation more than what they got whilst  growing up in this area, because they believe the location doesn’t matter, access to quality materials and an innovative environment will make all the difference.