Pershie – Adom Prep

The Adom Preparatory School in Elmina, in the central region of Ghana, is a primary and junior school that has been built in Elmina by a local woman named Regina to provide education for the local community, supported by our contact Kofi Owusu Opabene. Their classrooms are in desperately poor condition.

Thanks to the huge efforts of the pupils in the Brighton College Pre-Prep, we have funded a small library inside one of two classrooms that we have built in a new school site. The library will be shared with all children in the local community. Mrs Parks and Mrs Sebley were able to travel out to Ghana and meet the community in Easter 2017. They run community reading sessions each Saturday.

“The introduction of the library means a lot to us. It is improving our reading skills and the speaking of the English language fluently and frequently. Most of us were not good in reading but with the help of the books, we are gradually learning more and new words.” (Student, Adom Prep)