Abdul Wadud Suleiman

Peer Mentor (Comms)

With a passion for making a difference, Abdul has dedicated his time to volunteer with EduSpots for the past two years. Initially starting as a volunteer and spot lead at Atanve D/A Basic School, Abdul took on the responsibility of coordinating all strands activities for several months. His dedication and leadership skills were evident as he successfully recruited volunteers to assist with spot activities.

Abdul believes in the importance of continuous learning and seeks to gain knowledge from every individual he encounters. He views EduSpots as an exemplary organization. As a Peer Mentor, Abdul is enthusiastic about the opportunity to both learn and assist colleagues in driving positive change within their respective communities. He is committed to contributing his skills and experiences towards the collective goal of creating meaningful impact through volunteerism.

Abdul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management from Lakeside University College and is also a Customer Service Representative at Concentrix Webhelp Ghana.