Adu Boahen Carlos

Peer Mentor (Youth Ambassadors Network)

Hello, I am Adu Boahen Carlos and I am a dedicated student and EduSpots peer mentor for the EduSpots Youth Ambassadors.

I am deeply passionate about education and its transformative power, especially in underserved areas. As a student, I have always been driven by a desire to make a positive impact through learning and knowledge sharing. My journey with EduSpots began when I joined as a volunteer librarian being an underperformed senior high school graduate and quickly became actively involved in various initiatives which inspired me and made me confident to get a better results in education with which I did and am currently in my final year at the university of Ghana reading Information Science and Psychology.

Serving as a peer mentor has been a privilege, allowing me to support and guide my fellow volunteers and ambassadors of the EduSpots community, share knowledge, and foster a culture of learning within our community to build our future collectively. This role will not only hone my leadership and communication skills but will also provide me with the opportunity to witness the profound impact of mentorship on educational growth and
personal development.

In addition to my role as a peer mentor, I have Over the past five years voluntarily taken on the responsibility of being a project lead for the Community Led Library(Spot) in my community (Akumadan Community Library) supported by EduSpots.

This experience has been incredibly rewarding as it has allowed me to spearhead initiatives aimed at expanding access to educational resources, organizing educational events, and promoting a love for reading and learning among community members. Witnessing the positive changes that access to knowledge brings to our community has further fueled my commitment to advocating for education in rural areas.

I am committed to continuing my work with EduSpots to further promote education and create opportunities for growth and development in underserved communities. I am proud to be a part of the EduSpots community, and always excited to contribute in building our collective future!