Ibrahim Nabila Adam

Project Leader and 2021 Catalyst

Ibrahim Nabila Adam is the sixth among thirteen siblings. Born to a peasant farmer and a petty trader some thirty eight years ago, I can comfortably describe what growing up in the village entails. Going to fetch firewood, fishing during the season and hunting for small animals were our hobby.

Growing up in a farming family, my interest and understanding of what I want to be in future was clear though with little guidance; a trained agricultural worker possibly to assist the likes of my parents who knew only the farm throughout their entire life. Ibrahim Nabila completed basic school and studied Agricultural Science in the secondary school and proceeded to study a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Technology in the University for Development Studies with Second Class Upper honours.

After completing my national service, I volunteered to teach at Bole SHS for 2018/2019 academic year as a Mathematics and Chemistry teacher. In my leisure time I organized free extra classes for students who re-register for the WASSCE examinations. I have served as a Training and Technical service provider for farmer-based organization (FBOs) in the Karaga District for the MiDA project. I was as well a Cotton Production Assistant (CPA) promoting and improving cotton production through cotton production groups in the Gushegu District under the Wienco Cotton Project.

I am currently a professional teacher with the Ghana Education Service and volunteer for Kalpohin Community Library and the Project Leader.