Ciaran Monaghan

Intern (Operations)

Ciaran received his BA in History and Russian from the University of Sheffield in 2012, and after some time working in the UK, he started a career as an English teacher. He was lucky enough to teach English in several countries, including China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Kyrgyzstan. However, after teaching for several years, he decided to change careers and was specifically interested in moving out of the classroom and out of the private sector.

To help with this career change, he started an MA in Education and International Development at University College London. He completed this MA part-time over two years, alongside his teaching work, and finished in September 2022. During his MA, he completed research on peacebuilding through education, adult literacy, coloniality and language of instruction, and finally completed his dissertation on the political economy of education in Kyrgyzstan.

Now, Ciaran is working as an intern with EduSpots, working as part of the Operations team, and started this role in March (April) 2023