Dr. Thomas Amatey Tagoe

Advisory Group Member

Dr. Thomas Amatey Tagoe is a Neuroscientist, science communicator and Co-founder of G.H.Scientific, an oragnisation focused on building capacity in the sciences through public engagement activities. He trained at the University of Leicester (UK) and is currently based at the University of Ghana where his lab is focussed on furthering our understanding of how the brain responds to change.

Thomas has won a number of small grants to establish the first electrophysiology lab in Ghana and is working to grow this into a fully functional space to serve the country’s academic community. He has presented various aspects of his work on multiple platforms and has also been featured on international news outlets such as the BBC and CNN.

Based on his expertise, Thomas has served as a consultant for a number or organisations including Lead for Ghana, DANIDA and Michigan State University. His team at G.H.Scientific partnered with the Museum of Science and Technology to host the Evolution of Science Art exhibition, a collaborative project between artists and scientists to tell the scientific history of Ghana using art as a medium.

Thomas holds executive positions in the Ghana Science Association, the Ghana Neuroscience Society and the Ghana Young Academy. He currently co-produces The Horizon, a radio show focused on science conversations during morning prime time on StarrFM.