Edward Kwame Panku

CLEd Catalyst

Edward Kwame Panku is a Professional teacher and Eduspot volunteer of Dodome Awuiasu. My hobby is counseling. Leadership is found everywhere: yet it is not common to all. Effective leaders are students of their environment and leverage difficulties of society. However, the challenges are not the same keep emerging. Therefore, leaders have to constantly understand and know these issues. This requires leaders to obtain training that will provide them with tools and skills to navigate today’s changing environment.

This program must be dynamic, participant-based and innovative that will incorporate both theories, best practices deduced from various case studies and done with captivating and conducive environment. The programme should challenge every person to sharpen their leadership skills and allow participant to impact their communities with influence and significance. The programme should be divided into three categories, namely theory, practical and research thus ensuring that participants receives an all-round and in depth study. Finally, certificate of participation should be issued and financial aid to those waiting however serious accountability should be put in place for spot auditing.