Faad Abdul-Rahman

Programmes Manager

Faad Abdul-Rahman is a highly motivated and resilient individual who has gained significant experience and interest in community service and social impact through outreach and volunteer activities in remote and underserved communities mostly in Northern Ghana.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Development Studies from the University for Development Studies and is more passionate about leading projects tailored to issues of social justice and protection. As well, he has a strong belief that, systematic change can be driven through education and youth inclusion in developmental policy making.  Growing up, Faad has had the desire to give back to society by leveraging existing support systems. Being very enthusiastic about STEM and practical education, he taught science for two years Lead for Ghana stationed in Sakasaka in the Northern Region, where he was also a volunteer for EduSpots at Sakasaka Spot. 

His passion to drive change led him to volunteer with Water Lilly foundation as the Project Coordinator and the northern Regional coordinator for Youth insider Foundation, alongside a Global Youth Ambassador at TheirWorld. In the long run, Faad aspire to take up roles in project management and international development. 

Within EduSpots, Faad is our full-time Programmes Manager, overseeing the operational logistics of all our volunteer training programmes, alongside supporting our individual giving fundraising.