Gertrude Akunlibe

Female Youth Grant Winner

Gertrude studies at Academy city – her ‘spot’ is in Dulugu, Bolgatanga.

Gertrude created an idea for an educational centre open to the entire community, but managed by a local school. She has ideas for a peer mentoring system, and leading clubs that will particularly aim to encourage girls to continue with their education and take leadership opportunities.

‘With this educational centre, students will get to ask for help from peers on assignments or areas which they do not understand since there would have been a place where they can meet to learn. Students in high school will get the opportunity to teach their younger ones. This educational centre will help students perform better in terms of academics. In addition, I have been volunteering as a teacher in the ‘Overcomers Club’ for the past two years. This club is designed to support children in my community in exploring, discovering and developing their talents. I have taught them debating and organised  dance and choreography, spelling competitions basic robotics lessons. With the support of my patron, Mr Christopher Zobil who is the head teacher of Evergreen International School, and other staff members of Overcomers, we will introduce our club activities in the educational centre.’ (Gertrude Akunlibe)