Helen Denyer

Advisory Group Member

Helen has broad experience working and volunteering with small-scale grass-roots charities including in Madagascar, Nepal, Thailand, and Ghana.

Helen worked in Ghana for 3 years with the African Gifted Foundation Ghana. During the first year she was their Project Manager leading the team on the ground in setting up the African Science Academy (an all-girls pe-University for gifted students from across Africa with a passion for Maths and Science) and then worked the latter two years as their Finance and Admin Manager. Helen continues to be involved with the work of the African Gifted Foundation Ghana, now sitting on the Board.

Prior to working with the African Gifted Foundation, Helen’s experience in Ghana included volunteering with GlobalGivingUK as an Impact Assessor, visiting eight charities across Ghana to assess the work they were doing and write an audit report on the projects, demonstrating the positive impact small-scale locally run charities can have.

Alongside completing a one-year Masters in Global Health and Development at University College London in 2018-2019, Helen worked part-time as a consultant Head of Partnerships for EduSpots. In this role Helen supported the growth of the charity and its evolution from Reading Spots to EduSpots.

Helen currently works as Senior Programme Manager with the Academy of Medical Sciences in the UK.