Francis Yeboah

Head of Hospitality and Resource Provision in Ghana

Francis Yeboah is our Head of Hospitality and Resource Provision in Ghana and a founding trustee of EduSpots Ghana.

He works part-time to ensure to oversee resource provision for our projects, overseeing book delivery and engaging community members and volunteers, also supporting trips made to the country. His enthusiasm, contextual understanding, and commitment are central to the charity’s success and ethos from the start.

He has been supporting various schools in Ghana throughout his life, donating books and food to schools in particular need, despite the many struggles he has faced in his own life. Francis has worked with Cat Davison for the past six years as a driver at AVIS, offering invaluable support to both pupil and staff trips at a number of UK schools.

He has first-hand experience of the challenges of affording an education in Ghana, and is therefore passionate about making change to the educational opportunities that Ghanaians in the future are offered.