Katie Couldrey

Well-being and Literacy Advisor

Katie Couldrey has been in the education sector for 10 years and has experience of both the state and private sector. She currently works as a housemistress and teacher of English at an independent school  in Kent.

Katie became involved with the project after visiting Ghana in 2014 with Cat Davidson and is especially interested in mental health and wellbeing in an educational setting, particularly in the context of those with an active passion for advancing educational opportunities in low-resource settings. She also hopes to offer her experience in teaching Drama and English at secondary level to the development of EduSpots’ literacy programmes which focus upon creativity and critical thinking, as well as advancing core literacy skills.

She has twice delivered the EduSpots online course with her students, and is passionate about introducing pupils to critical themes in international development and engaging them in the importance of sustainable, partnership-driven work.