Mai-Xuan Mantwill

Design & Partnerships Support Officer

Mai-Xuan first volunteered with Eduspots in 2019/20 when she was a student at Sevenoaks School. During this time, she led the design process on the EduLit Phonics Card Project, in which Ghanaians and student volunteers from the UK collaborated to create the first set of phonics cards with illustrations of objects found in Ghanaian everyday life.

Currently, she is taking a gap year in Vienna, Austria where she is completing an internship whilst also studying at university and running a Diabetes Youth Platform. She is also applying to universities in the US with an interest in Global Health, Economics, Biomedical engineering, and Public policy. Returning as an official EduSpots volunteer, she will be working on design across EduSpots, as well as providing support with school partnerships and fundraising.