Zainab Abdelaitif

Programmes Intern

Zainab is a part-time master’s student of Education, Health Promotion, and International Development at University College London (UCL). She is passionate about advancing international development through impactful education and healthcare initiatives.

As a British person with a Sudanese background, Zainab has directly observed the profound impact of inadequate education, healthcare, infrastructure, and political instability on developing nations. These first-hand observations, especially following the war that erupted in her home country Sudan in 2023, have fuelled her commitment to gaining experience in the field of philanthropy. She firmly believes in the critical roles of education and healthcare in fostering sustainable development, reducing aid dependence, and transforming Africa’s future.

With an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and Social Innovation from Waseda University in Japan and now pursuing her master’s at UCL, Zainab is eager to apply the knowledge gained from her studies to her role as a Programmes Team Intern at EduSpots. She hopes to expand her experience and skills to help people back home and become a greater asset to grassroots organisations in Sudan and other African countries.