EduKidz Monthly Challenges

Play is arguably the best way to facilitate learning in children, and that is why every month, members of our EduKidz clubs are engaged in a play-based project learning activity we call monthly challenges. Each month, students explore different themes aimed at building knowledge, practical learning, and early literacy skills.

After the launch of the EduKidz strand at the Ignite conferences held from April to May 2023, the clubs in the EduKidz strand have been actively involved in the monthly challenges. Although fifteen clubs have been set up among our fifty Spots, eleven more Spots have shown interest and are on their way to running full-fledged clubs in their Spot community. Currently, we have about nineteen Spots partaking in the EduKidz monthly challenges and this is likely to set to increase in the coming months.

Take a look at our monthly challenges for 2023.