The Inspire Mentoring Programme

‘Peer Mentors became the shoulders Catalysts can lean on for their respective strand assistance. Most difficult activities that stop many Spots from functioning effectively were made easier and more simple due to the availability of peer mentors. (EduSpots Catalyst) 

As part of the ReIgnite Programme, 9 Peer Mentors (who are drawn from existing Spot voluntary Catalysts) have been trained in mentoring skills and role specific knowledge and skills. This will enable them to: 

  1. To advance the leadership, education and wider mentoring skills of a core group of our most committed Spot volunteers (Catalysts)
  2. To provide Catalysts with people to assist them in their work who have lived experience of our Spot Model and programmes, also encouraging collaboration across the network. 
  3. To provide a recruitment route between the Catalyse Programme and the EduSpots staff team, also giving Catalysts a launchpad into other NGO roles. 

Peer Mentors will have the opportunity to work closely with the staff coordinator for each strand, serving as a long-term remunerated internship. They are attached to the following areas of our work. 

  • EduLit (managed by EduLit Coordinator) 
  • EduKidz (managed by EduKidz Coordinator) 
  • EcoSTEM  (managed by EcoSTEM Coordinator) 
  • Ignite Equity (managed by Ignite Equity Coordinator) 
  • Ambassadors Network (managed by Ambassadors Coordinator) 
  • Communications (managed by Head of Communications) 
  • Volunteer engagement (managed by Programmes Manager)

2023 Impact 

In 2023, 4 Peer Mentors passed the programme at distinction level, with 2 gaining merit, 3 at a pass level which involved meeting our strict professional requirements in the role, and attending a monthly professional development programme. Two dropped out of the programme due to incompatibility with their wider working commitments, and were replaced. 

One Catalyst affirmed that ‘“peer mentors empowered their peers, fostered personal growth, and promoted a sense of community and support.” 

Yahya Seidu progressed from a role as Peer Mentor (Spot Operations), into the staff team as Regional Coordinator (Middle Region) where he is now full-time. 

Impact on Peer Mentors:

  • “I have grown in confidence as a result of being on the Peer Mentor Programme.” (100% strongly agree)
  • “I have gained professional understanding and skills that will be valuable to me in my future career as a result of the Peer Mentoring Programme.” (100% strongly agree) 
  • “I feel more motivated to lead change in my community and beyond as a result of the Peer Mentoring Programme.” (100% agree, 86% strongly agree)
  • “I felt strongly supported by my manager throughout the programme.” (100% strongly agree)