Hear from students at Wellington College about their work with EduSpots!

This article was written by students who are part of the EduSpots partnerships team at Wellington College, UK who work with EduSpots as part of their global citizenship programme. 

To create a school partnership with EduSpots, simply email our Founder, Cat Davison at info@eduspots.org, or students can sign-up with our Ambassadors network immediately here

Who we are:

We are a small team of 9 students in the 5th and L6th form, at Wellington College who come together every Wednesday afternoon to discuss ways in which we can help fundraising and create educational resources like PowerPoints and posters for the EduSpots team in Ghana and Nigeria.

What we’ve done:

So far, we have made a poster, PowerPoint, handbook and some short video reels. These covered the topics of how to be a good reading buddy, including: ways to communicate with your reading buddy, what a reading buddy should look like, how to become a better reading buddy and what skills a reading buddy should have. These resources were promoted and shown in the EduSpots community so that people can benefit from them. We have also discussed many different fundraising ideas to raise money so that we can send over books. We have also received a certificate from the EduSpots team congratulating us on our contribution to their community-led education. In the future we will continue working with EduSpots and create new forms of educational help

Our aim:

After having the privilege of speaking to the EduSpots operational team, we not only understand and support their visions from afar but also aim to help begin to make the visions into reality. We aim to do this by continuing to create reading and media resources in the hope to help and enable a wider range of support for the EduSpots organisation.

Student Reflection:

Every Wednesday we have been given the opportunity to make a difference, we are committed to helping and doing all that we can to use this opportunity to the best of our ability to ensure that this difference is made. Throughout all the weeks working with the EduSpots organisation we feel we have learnt so much about the issues different cultures face, which sadly are issues that might not otherwise cross our minds. An example of this is the lack of accessibility to African authors, this therefore creates the issue of not only a lack of cultural education but also a severe lack of role models to the African community. As students we recognise that this should not be the case and strive to ensure that this does not remain an issue in the future. Therefore, we will continue to help and support the community.

Being able to help and work with EduSpots has been educational and entertaining, we would love to see EduSpots grow and hope to be a part of this amazing organisation for as long as possible.