Ernest Fordjour started the Ahenkro Spot which is situated in Ahenkro, a rural community which is about 20 minutes drive from Kumasi Suame metropolis towards the Kumasi Techiman Road.
Most of the populace are subsistence farmers with the women mainly in petty trading. The adolescent girls and boys are into a whole lot of erotic boy-girl relationships which usually lead to teenage pregnancies and school drop out of both gender.

Ignite Girls with their graduation certificates

Since Ahenkro Spot signed up to join EduSpots’ network, and with the introduction of EduSpots’ content and resourceful activities, teenage pregnancies and school dropouts have reduced. This is due to the robust child protection and safeguarding education given to both students/children and parents.
The activities done at the Spot are reading, spelling bee, STEM etc. Other activities done at the Spot include period project, green Ghana project, reading competition etc. All clubs have been very successful and active. The students always say that EduSpots is really a God-given initiative.

At the Spot, leadership roles have been assigned to almost every learner/student and they really love to do it.
Since joining the network,the students have become more assertive and have become critical thinkers.They have also developed good communication skills and personal hygiene.