In Sefwi Nkonya, there is a gap between male and female students in terms of academic performance and personal motivation. Majority of the female students could not express themselves in English and also lacked the confidence to speak in public before joining the Spot. This  reflected in their engagements in class activities and subsequently poor outcomes in academic activities such as exams.

In addition, we observed that most of our girls were absent from school during their monthly periods as they did not have access to the necessary materials like pads to take care of their menstrual hygiene and had little knowledge on menstrual hygiene practices.

To combat this, we birthed the Ignite Stars, which allowed us to equip our girls with valuable knowledge on good communication skills and menstrual hygiene, among others. Alongside this, we paired our girls with mentors that have been able to guide them to set realistic goals and help them meet their set goals. We also looked for several opportunities and platforms to assist us in making our aim of empowering the young girls in Sefwi Nkonya a reality and that’s when we connected with EduSpots which has equipped us with the necessary resources and information that has served as our manure to reignite the spirit of our girls – The Ignite Stars .

The Spot was founded by Zainab Yussif