This project near Anyanui was created by the community but has been welcomed into our network to receive books, resources and training.

Agbledomi is a farming community located in Anloga district in the Volta Region. The community founded theSpot and John Kofi Nuvormawor is the Spot leader. The school has a population of 500 students of whom 350 are using the Spot. One of the biggest challenges is the community’s high level of teenage pregnancies and students’ low literacy skills.
The Spot aimed at engaging learners, particularly girls through Ignite equity.

The Spot was established to encourage students to cultivate the habit of reading and to boost their ability to read and speak with confidence. It is a new Spot but learners’ progress is already evident in how they participate in class discussions.
Besides reading, learners also enjoy sports.. We have used that to draw their attention to the usage of the Spot and strand activities.

The school-based library lacks light, posing a challenge to learners’ ability to work in the evenings.

There are improvements in the learners literacy and class participation. We are  hopeful that the Spot will have a sustainable impact.