This project in Gomoa-Manso is being created by one of our 2019 changemaker grant winners – Anita Esi Eleh. 

Anita is a current student at the African Science Academy and is keen to start a Teenage Pregnancy Awareness And Mentoring Program in her home community. After a very challenging selection process, Anita has been selected as one of the grant winners and will be receiving £1000 to start her project.

Gomoa Manso is located in the Central Region of Ghana and over the past years it has seen a rampant increase in teenage pregnancy. Shocked by meeting many new teenagers who are pregnant during her vacations home, Anita has been motivated to curb it by organizing teenage pregnancy awareness and mentoring program.

Anita realised teenagers in the community lack exposure and seem to be limited to only what they know and see on TV. Many girls in the community are not aware of their potential and what they can be, thus they tend to follow the trend in the community, which makes it seem normal to give birth before or after Junior High School. Anita believes this project will go a long way to change the trend in her community by giving the teenagers reasons to be more assertive and motivate them to continue their schooling to the highest level. Studies shows that infant mortality rates drop significantly for women who have had primary education, and even more for those who complete secondary school. It is estimated that infant mortality decreases 9% for every year of education attained. This is because girls and women are able to educate themselves on health issues, which can help reduce the cycle of poverty and mortality rates in the long term. The change in literacy rate will contribute to the development of the community, decrease the rate of teenage pregnancy and provide to the community energetic and responsible youth. This is the long term vision of the project.

The aim of the project is to make the teenagers in this community more assertive, by making available to them an open and honest talk, help them have options for the future that are not early pregnancy and parenthood and make them see the importance of furthering their education. The project is aimed at both males and females. It will consist of several sex education, awareness and career sessions. It will be a one week program taking place twice a year, during the summer and Christmas breaks, in order to keep them involved during the holidays so as to reduce the chances of getting pregnant during these breaks. The project aims at providing an active and involving, yet a relaxing session.