In the heart of Assin Bosomadwe, nestled between the bustling towns of Abura Dunkwaw and Assin Foso in the Central Region of Ghana, lies a beacon of knowledge and community spirit – Bosomadwe Spot. Its humble beginnings trace back to a stalled community library project, a dream that refused to die thanks to the perseverance of Mr. Nicholas Joseph Osie, a proud son of Bosomadwe and Cat Davison, CEO of EduSpot.

The winds of change finally blew in favor of Bosomadwe Spot in 2018. Eduspot, with unwavering dedication, took up the mantle of the project, breathing new life into the abandoned structure. The once-empty shelves now groaned under the weight of books, and solar panels, thanks to collaborations between the community, EduSpot and Kingdom Group of Companies. Bosomadwe Spot stands as a symbol of hope and progress in community partnership for education.

Isaac Awere, Hannah Eshun, Hannah Arko, Anastasia Wiredu, Elsha Dode, Araba Appaid, and Deborah Wireko-Mensah, the dedicated Bosomadwe Eduspot Catalysts, were the guardians of this sanctuary of knowledge. Their passion and commitment ensured that Bosomadwe Spot was not just a building but a thriving hub of intellectual growth and community cohesion.

The Bosomadwe Spot is more than a library; it is a gateway to dreams and aspirations for learners. Here, they pored over textbooks, flipped through storybooks, and honed their skills, guided by mentors.

Beyond its role as a school library, Bosomadwe Spot embraced all who sought knowledge. Whether it was a farmer curious about sustainable practices or a young adult seeking career guidance, the doors of Bosomadwe Spot were open wide, welcoming all with warmth and encouragement.

As the sun set on another day in Bosomadwe, the lights of Bosomadwe Spot continued to shine, a testament to the power of community collaboration and the enduring thirst for knowledge that bound the people of Bosomadwe together.